PneuTorque PTM-119 Series

The latest extension to the PTM tool range brings the speed advantage to the twin motor handle to higher capacity PneuTorque models.

Coupled with new gearbox designs, these new models deliver an ideal balance between robustness, speed and weight.  Fast - 4500 Nm version has a free speed of 32 rpm for rapid bolt run-down time. Light weight - PTM-119-4500 weighs just 13.3 kg. All models are fitted as standard with a light but robust aluminium reaction plate.

Other reaction styles are available for maximum versatility. Quiet - less than 85 db(A) when under load.

Non impacting - low vibration levels make these tools comfortable and safe to use.  Square drive is easily and quickly replaceable. Bi-directional. Accidental damage to the gearbox is prevented as the direction control knob is locked  while the tool is running.

'Soft Start' trigger control assists socket location and allows gradual and safe reaction location. For safety, reaction forces are not transmitted back to the operator as gearbox can rotate independently from the handle. Dual Trigger versions reduce the risk of the operator's hands becoming trapped between the reaction bar and reaction point.