Conversion Chart

All Torque Wrenches have different scales and dials. So if your not sure, check your charts, check the Torque Value and make sure you are using a ft.lbs setting for a ft.lbs application requirement.

There have been a few instances, one particular example, where a torque wrench was thought to be out of calibration as some bolts were snapping.  It was discovered that the user didn't understand the difference and was reading a Nm scale for a ft. lbs application.  A tyre from a moving truck had come off, causing a considerable amount of damage, but thankfully no one was injured.  

So understanding the importance of keeping your torque wrench in good working order with regular calibration checks you can avoid serious damage to equipment & machinery, as well as prevent serious injuries simply due to lack of maintenance and even age of the tool.

Remember you have a +/-4% range with readings, so be very careful not to make this mistake, I guarantee you won't do it twice!

Conversion Chart | Torque Wrench