Pro 800 3/4"

Pro 800 3/4"

Item Code: 14015

Pro 800 3/4" Drive 200 - 800 Nm / 150 - 600 ft. lbs

These Wrenches were designed as an extension to our 'Professional' range of Torque Wrenches, Pro 60 - 330 and so have the same high quality and accuracy.

  • Non length dependent. Extension handle (weighs additional 1.7kg) can be used to reduce operator effort (handle supplied as standard with Model 800, 1000 and 1500)
  • Positive 'click' can be heard seen and felt.
  • Long scale length in Nm and ft. lbs allows error free setting.
  • Fine 60 tooth ratchet allows the wrench to be used in confined areas.
  • Supplied in a high quality blow moulded plastic case, with space provided for accessories such as sockets.