3AR-N 22mm Spigot

3AR-N 22mm Spigot

Item Code: 120105

3AR-N 22mm Spigot 120 - 600 Nm / 100 - 450 ft. lbs

A long-time customer favourite re-engineered to be more compactable, robust and easy to use. Ideal for heavy duty applications.

  • Unique profiled cam and reaction plate - gives much clearer ' torque break point' reducing the possibility of over torqueing
  • Robust construction gives accurate results to ±4% even in arduous working conditions
  • Can be split and packed in two parts for a smaller, easier to transport package
  • Push-through ratchet allows two direction torqueing
  • Designed to be cost effectively serviced
  • New handle - more comfortable and guides operator's hand to correct position
  • On request ‘P’ Type wrenches can be set, marked with the setting