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EvoTorque 2 ET2-92-2700-110 NWR Approved

EvoTorque 2 ET2-92-2700-110 NWR Approved

Item Code: 180233.B08.NWR

EvoTorque 2 ET2-92-2700-110 NWR Approved, 270 - 2700 Nm / 199 - 1991 ft. lbs

  • Torque, Torque & Angle, Torque & Angle with Final Torque or Torque Audit Modes
  • 'Usage' counter gives the ability to see the amount of times the tool has been used since the last reset
  • "Operation Direction" designed primarily for undoing bolts. When doing sequence tightening, it is now possible to undo an incorrectly tightened bolt without interrupting the sequence
  • 2 Stage Tightening gives faster application of a Snug Torque & Angle Target
  • "Turn Angle" option can be used to check if bolts have already been tightened in an assembly process
  • Allows tool integration into third party control systems
  • Maximum Audit Mode target angle increased to 720 degrees
  • Ability to produce and store real time graphs via EvoLog
  • 2 different lock levels, lock level 1 as per previous lock, lock level 2 will not allow user to exit the run screen or change the target