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Protronic Plus 9 Female Hex 1/4"

Protronic Plus 9 Female Hex 1/4"

Item Code: 130524

Protronic Plus 9 Female Hex 1/4", 0.45 - 9 Nm

The ProTronic Plus Screwdriver retains all the features of the ProTronic standard and Plus wrench in a smaller package with flush fitted buttons to avoid accidental activation during use

  • Large LCD screen with bright backlight; numbers become larger and bolder during active torque for optimal viewing
  • Four alert modes (LCD, progressive LED, audible, tactile) provide excellent feedback in all working conditions
  • 5 easily selectable torque units (N·m, lbf·ft, lbf·in, dN·m, kg·cm and kg·m)
  • A wide range of advanced features (cycle counter, customisable sleep timer, language selection, auto torque calculation for torque adaptors, calibration alerts, battery level indication, and numerous alert mode customisations) allow the user to tailor the tool to their work preferences
  • Torque THEN Angle mode gives the user the ability to conveniently apply an angle to a fastener directly after achieving a torque target without the need to remove the torque wrench from the application
  • Power interruption technology helps to prevent loss of work and continuity if the wrench is impacted
  • Handle designed for a comfortable and secure grip
  • Battery cap has been designed to prevent accidental loosening
  • Storage case included
  • Supplied with a traceable 'Calibration Certificate' allowing end users to adhere to more stringent quality control processes
  • Patent pending Torque AND angle combo modes allows the user to monitor torque and angle simultaneously
  • Works alongside newly developed app designed for instant downloading of readings
  • Up to 50 pre-sets can be programmed in the tool with the ability to lockout helping to ensure against unauthorised setting changes
  • Sequence programming and job modes allows the user to chain together pre-sets in a particular sequence
  • Exclusive 360° progressive LED ring for precise visual feedback
  • Set includes a T-handle for comfort when higher torque levels are required