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Torque Wrench Extension Tool Precautions

Posted on 15 September 2015

If a Torque wrench is used with an extension i.e. crows foot spanner, this will extend the handle length and the actual torque will be greater than the set torque on the Torque Wrench. If you are using an extension which changes the length of your Torque Wrench here is a simple calculation so you can set your Torque Wrench to accurately achieve the desired torque.

Calculation formula:

Torque wrench setting = desired torque x wrench length / wrench length + extension length

For example:Torque Wrench Extension Tool Precautions

Desired Torque 200Nm
Length of Torque Wrench 360mm
Length of Extension 120mm
200Nm x 360mm / 360mm + 120mm = 150.0Nm
150.0Nm is the setting you would use on your Torque Wrench to achieve the desired torque of 200Nm.