Dealing with Voltage

Posted on 9 January 2016

In today's society, Occupational Health and Safety is paramount with businesses constantly looking for safer work practices.  If your business deals with voltage, TWCS recommends the use of an insulated torque wrench.  Don't put yourself at risk in any voltage applications, whether it be a 12v battery, the ever-expanding high voltage hybrid vehicle market, electrical switchboard or power generation applications, using a non-insulated wrench can lead to a short circuit resulting in serious injury or even death.  Insulated torque wrenches provide protection and peace of mind when working with up to 1000 Volts.

The photo shows an example of a "near miss".  This wrench was shorted on a battery pack.  It has since been replaced with an insulated type torque wrench, providing staff with a safer work practice.

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Insulated Torque Wrenches


Production Style Torque Wrenches

Posted on 17 November 2015

Has your business ever considered using a Production Style Torque Wrench?

What is a Production Style Torque Wrench? Good question!

A Production Style Torque Wrench is used for applications in a large range of industries from production & assembly to aviation.
Production Style Torque Wrenches come pre-set to a torque value that is required for the particular application.  However, if the torque value requires amendment, the pre-set can be changed; it is not set for life!
Production style Torque Wrenches have no scale or increments as well as a different internal operating mechanism compared to an adjustable type torque wrench.  As such they are considerably cheaper.
By having a production or pre-set type Torque Wrench, it eliminates the possibility of the operator selecting the incorrect scale, i.e. 20Nm instead of 20ft. lbs, and ensures correct tension of fasteners every time. 
These wrenches, like every torque wrench, still require regular calibration testing to ensure that the wrench is operating within the standards (AS 4115 1993, ISO 6789).

Production Style Torque Wrench
So if you think that a production style wrench would suit your industry sector, call Tom @ TWCS to discuss your needs and see which production style wrench would suit your application.


Testimonial - Clarke Energy

Posted on 22 October 2015

Another Happy Customer.....thanks Marcel!

Tom calibrates all of our Torque Wrenches for us within a day's notice and is done on site at our Thebarton premises. He provides a professional service with the most competitive rates in Australia and would recommend Tom's services to any Company that requires Torque Wrench Calibration and Repairs.

Marcel Sobarzo - Procurement Coordinator,  Clarke Energy Australia.


Slipping Ratchet Heads

Posted on 29 September 2015

Many injuries can be caused by slipping ratchet heads on torque wrenches especially when high torque values are required.  These injuries can be minimised by repairing the wrench as soon as the slipping ratchet is noticed.  The slipping of the ratchet will only increase in frequency the longer it is left in service, increasing the possibility of injury to the user.  Ratchet repair kits are available for most well-known brands of torque wrenches, but be aware that for some of the cheaper brands of torque wrenches, ratchet repair kits are not available.

Slipping Ratchet Heads
     Is your torque wrench ratchet head slipping? 

                          Torque to Tom today

               to see if your wrench is repairable.




Torque Wrench Extension Tool Precautions

Posted on 15 September 2015

If a Torque wrench is used with an extension i.e. crows foot spanner, this will extend the handle length and the actual torque will be greater than the set torque on the Torque Wrench. If you are using an extension which changes the length of your Torque Wrench here is a simple calculation so you can set your Torque Wrench to accurately achieve the desired torque.

Calculation formula:

Torque wrench setting = desired torque x wrench length / wrench length + extension length

For example:Torque Wrench Extension Tool Precautions

Desired Torque 200Nm
Length of Torque Wrench 360mm
Length of Extension 120mm
200Nm x 360mm / 360mm + 120mm = 150.0Nm
150.0Nm is the setting you would use on your Torque Wrench to achieve the desired torque of 200Nm.




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