Professional 650 Adjustable Female End

Non length dependent. Extension handle can be used to reduce operator effort.  Positive 'click' can be heard, seen and fel

Long scale length in Nm and lbf·ft allows error free setting.

The 650 model is available as Production 'P' Type for use in a production environment where they will be set and then dedicated to a particular application.

Also available with a 22 mm Female End.  A complete range of tools are available with a fine 60 tooth ratchet.

14041 - Model 650 FTH 14x18 Nm & lbf.ft

14041 - Model 650 FTH

14x18 Nm & ft. lbs

130.0 - 650.0 Nm

100.0 - 480.0 ft. lbs

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