ClickTronic Industrial Ratchets

The square drive of these robust ratchets can be removed and replaced in the other side of the ratchet head so that the wrench will give torque control in both the clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Using the principle of 'offset pawls', these ratchets feature a robust tooth pattern and a narrow engagement angle, meaning that the wrench is easy to use in tight spaces. The square drive features a finger grip on the top ('mushroom' head) that assists with running down the nut until resistance is met. The 'Industrial' ratchet is specifically designed for torque wrench application and provides users with the perfect combination of strength, versatility and ease of use.

  • Organic Light-Emitting Diode (O.L.E.D) screen provides a clear and easy to read display that helps to significantly reduce setting errors.
  • The ClickTronic is programmed to offer twelve different torque units, meaning most countries preferred torque units can be accessed.
  • Ergonomic new two piece injection molded handle encompasses advanced technology that transfers an uninterrupted and consistent mechanical movement of the adjusting screws into a digital reading on the scale.
  • Secure push/pull adjustment knob is quick and intuitive to use and prevents accidental wrench adjustment.
  • Unique on a torque wrench, the TimeStrip® gives a visual indication that the wrench is due for re-calibration.
ClickTronic Model 50 3/8", 'Industrial' Mushroom Ratchet  ClickTronic Model 100 1/2", 'Industrial' Mushroom Ratchet ClickTronic Model 200 1/2", 'Industrial' Mushroom Ratchet ClickTronic Model 300 1/2", 'Industrial' Mushroom Ratchet

15166 - ClickTronic

Model 50 3/8"

'Industrial' Mushroom Ratchet

10 - 50 Nm

15167 - ClickTronic

Model 100 1/2"

'Industrial' Mushroom Ratchet

20 - 100 Nm

15168 - ClickTronic

Model 200 1/2"

'Industrial' Mushroom Ratchet

40 - 200 Nm

15157 - ClickTronic

Model 300 1/2"

'Industrial' Mushroom Ratchet

60 - 300 Nm

ClickTronic Model 340 1/2", 'Industrial' Mushroom Ratchet      

15158 - ClickTronic

Model 340 1/2"

'Industrial' Mushroom Ratchet

68 - 340 Nm



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