TTf th 20 9 x 12 mm

TTf th 20 9 x 12 mm

Item Code: 13839

TTf th 20 9 x 12 mm 4 - 20 Nm / 35 - 180 in. lbs

The Norbar TTfth20 Torque Handle is ideal for use with the popular 9 x 12 mm fittings.

  • Micrometer Scale for simple and error free setting. (On dual scale wrenches, the micrometer increment applies to the Nm scale.)
  • Quick and Light Adjustment: adjustment over the entire scale can quickly be achieved and with minimal effort in approximately ten complete turns (exact number varies by model).
  • Comfortable, Durable Handle: the handle is constructed using two materials; a base material for strength overlaid with a soft feel grip for comfort and slip resistance.
  • The handle material and lens resist chemicals in common usage in the automotive, aviation and industrial environments.